How to create Mock App on TIBCO cloud

07 Apr 2021

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How to create Mock App on TIBCO cloud

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 07 Apr 2021    

API Modeling and Mocking with Mashery

API management solutions ease business growth with its importance, nailing connectivity, and a few more. Security is an important key for building any successful API program through API modeling & mocking with mashery. Follow the below steps to know how this new feature helps to model and mock with APIs.

Step 1: Use your credentials to login to

Step 2: Click the marked one to proceed next.


Now, you will get below mentioned screen with all your APIs in it.


Step: 3 If you want to create your Organisation Group, just click the one as shown in the image.


Step: 4 Create a group and now select it. Now, you can create your first API using CLICK ON Create BUTTON



Now you will find a screen which is similar to this one.


Fill the details and click create. Now you can see the screen like this one


 Step:5 Click on Add Resource and then fill the path and method. For example, I am using GET Method. Once set, Click SAVE.


 You will get the screen as shown in the below image for Tibco Modeling


Note: You can also create query parameter by clicking on query param. Set the options and create it.


Step:6 Now your Request is set and you need to set the responses for the same request, so click on the response


A screen will appear as shown in the image after setting your response.


Step:7 To set the Mock Response, you need to click on 200 OK to set the response json Schema. So, click on Generate Schema from Sample Data.


Once clicked, you will notify a screen as shown in the image


Just Copy and Paste your Sample Json, Now Click on Generate Schema and then Click SAVE. Now Response is set.Now the Response is set.


Important note: We have just done Mock Request and Mock Response alone. Go Back to the Dashboard and now you can see all your API 

Steps for Creating a MOCK APP

Click on a three DOTS to create one Mock APP


 Click Create now