How to create TIBCO hawk rulebase

04 Feb 2021

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How to create TIBCO hawk rulebase

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 04 Feb 2021    

Configuration of the TIBCO Hawk Rulebase:

The steps required for the creation of the Tibco hawk rulebase simple if you follow the below process. To make work easier, we shared the real-time images while we are experimenting with the configuration process.

Test builder is meant for running the test expression. So, run the test builder with the below expression to proceed next.

test builder

How to create TIBCO Hawk Rulebase:

After setting the parameters, click OK to confirm and move to the Action editor panel. Now, you can see various radio-boxed labels. It is a must for you to select the "execute" option from it.

action editor

Now you can see a remote desktop connection window with an "Advanced Action Editor" box on the right side of it.

advance action builder

Now, you need to set the rules required for configuring micro agents, methods, and arguments. After setting this stuff, choose "seconds" from data delivery interval.

method and arguments

Followed by that, you will find a rulebase editor where you need to perform an "IF" operation to set your query.

rulebase editor

After applying the above changes, make the following changes to the rulebase list agent to distribute to the displayed IP address.

rulebase list for agent

Finally, you can see TIBCO Hawk Enterprise Monitor which allows you to keep monitor and control micro agent & microservices.

tibco moniter


Thus, the steps required for the successful configuration of the TIBCO Hawk rulebase are illustrated with the necessary screenshots in this blog. Refer to our "TIBCO" to find Tibco documentation categories.

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