How to configure TIBCO activespaces for hawk monitoring

04 Feb 2021

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How to configure TIBCO activespaces for hawk monitoring

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 04 Feb 2021    

Overview of TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent

The TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent is a managed application that is instrumented with the TIBCO Hawk Application Management Interface (AMI) protocol. This introduces a set of methods for the Metaspace connection which needs to be monitored and controlled by TIBCO Hawk tools. To interact with the metaspace, the ActiveSpaces communicate with Hawk Agent of Tibco with the help of TIBCO Rendezvous for the transportation and exchange of data.TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent allows you to interact and monitor the Hawk display or helps to create rulebase for automating the execution of the methods through simple alerts by the TIBCO HawkAgents. You can further refer to the Hawk documentation to find the exact hawk microagent concept.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent helps you to capture the following:

• The size, throughput, and growth of a Space under the observation of hawk rulebase

• The event on the definition or the drop of a Space.

• The joining and leaving of members to the Metaspace as well as member to Space so alerts and corrective actions can be taken.

Combine the Hawk rules and TIBCO AMI instrumented applications to build, monitor, and manage systems for all Spaces and Members of a Metaspace cluster.

Configuration Steps:

The TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent application is a package. This is a package that is said to be installed as a jar file under the lib folder:

<TIBCO_HOME>/as/2.1/lib/as-hawk-agent.jar .Before beginning the process of TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent, confirm that the TIBCO Rendezvous daemon and the Hawk Agent have already started to run on the machine.

After the successful start of the TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent, make use of the TIBCO Hawk display to perform and monitor the activities over connected Hawk Agent.

Use the Hawk display to gather all the details of discovered and registered Hawk Microagents on the machine. This is the displayed version of the TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent as: ASRuntimeInfo:<metaspace>:<version>

Selecting the TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent displays all the methods exposed for this Metaspace connection.

Note: Multiple Metaspaces can be only monitored by starting multiple instances of the TIBCO Actives Hawk Microagent.

There should be only one instance of the TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk Microagent for per Metaspace connection.


Refer the below Unix shell script to start the TIBCO Hawk Microagent:


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<AS_HOME>/lib:<RV_HOME>/lib

java -Djava.ext.dirs=<RV_HOME>/lib:<HAWK_HOME>/lib –jar as-hawk-agent.jar -metaspace<metaspace>

Help information can also be displayed by including with the -usage argument: java -jar as-hawk-agent.jar –usage


Actual Working Scripts:



export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/tibco/as/2.1/lib:/opt/tibco/tibrv/8.4/lib

java -Djava.ext.dirs=/opt/tibco/tibrv/8.4/lib:/opt/tibco/hawk/5.1/lib -jar /opt/tibco/as/2.1/lib/as-hawk-agent.jar -metaspaceEventDataGrid_DEMO -discovery 'tcp://' -listen 'tcp://' -member_namehawk_agent -hawk_rv_service '7474' -hawk_rv_network ';' -hawk_rv_daemon 'tcp:' -log '/opt/tibco/logs/hawk/aseventhma.log' -log_debug '5'



export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/tibco/as/2.1/lib:/opt/tibco/tibrv/8.4/lib

java -Djava.ext.dirs=/opt/tibco/tibrv/8.4/lib:/opt/tibco/hawk/5.1/lib -jar /opt/tibco/as/2.1/lib/as-hawk-agent.jar -metaspaceRMG_MS_EventProcessor_EventDataGrid -discovery 'tcp://' -listen 'tcp://' -member_name hawk_agent_1 -hawk_rv_service '7474' -hawk_rv_network ';' -hawk_rv_daemon 'tcp:' -log '/opt/tibco/logs/hawk/aseventhma_1.log' -log_debug '3'


Note: If you face the following error while script execution, Copy log4j jar file from hawk or any other directory to activespaces lib directory.

[FATAL] If it couldn't start or run the Hawk MicroAgents: class org.apache.log4j.LogManager not found.

cd /opt/tibco/as/2.1/lib

cp /opt/tibco/hawk/5.1/lib/ext/log4j-1.2.15.jar .

 Correct Output at HMA start-up


TIBCO ActiveSpaces Hawk MicroAgent

Enterprise Edition. Version: 23-Oct-2014 SVN Rev.25108

Copyright(c) 2009-2014 TIBCO Software Inc. All rights reserved


[2015-05-14T11:17:02.171][21419][139924639938304][INFO][transport] ip_address= port=43701

[2015-05-14T11:17:02.172][21419][139923930060544][INFO][] discovery resolved to

[2015-05-14T11:17:12.174][21419][139923930060544][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$gmp] connected to AWS_AS_DEMO_Agent_1 (a1cb816-aab4-55519c85-75,

[2015-05-14T11:17:12.179][21419][139923930060544][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$gmp] connected to ac141c07-aab8 (ac141c07-aab8-5551e6bb-3e2,

[2015-05-14T11:17:12.180][21419][139923930060544][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$gmp] connected to ac141c07-9fc6 (ac141c07-9fc6-55519d56-15e,

[2015-05-14T11:17:12.181][21419][139923930060544][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$gmp] connected to ac141c07-9fc5 (ac141c07-9fc5-55519c54-233,

[2015-05-14T11:17:12.182][21419][139923930060544][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$gmp] connected to SpaceBar (ac141c07-b220-55519c53-90,

[2015-05-14T11:17:12.183][21419][139923930060544][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$gmp] connected to ac141c07-aab5 (ac141c07-aab5-55519beb-3b5,

[2015-05-14T11:17:14.262][21419][139924639938304][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.metaspace] Connected metaspace name=[EventDataGrid_DEMO], listen=[tcp://], discovery=[tcp://], member name=[hawk_agent] version=

[2015-05-14T11:17:14.265][21419][139923411523328][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$members] member joined: ac141c07-aab5 (ac141c07-aab5-55519beb-3b5,

[2015-05-14T11:17:14.265][21419][139923411523328][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$members] member joined: SpaceBar (ac141c07-b220-55519c53-90,

[2015-05-14T11:17:14.266][21419][139923411523328][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$members] member joined: ac141c07-9fc6 (ac141c07-9fc6-55519d56-15e,

[2015-05-14T11:17:14.266][21419][139923411523328][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$members] member joined: ac141c07-aab8 (ac141c07-aab8-5551e6bb-3e2,

[2015-05-14T11:17:14.266][21419][139923411523328][INFO][EventDataGrid_DEMO.$members] member joined: hawk_agent (a1cb816-aab5-5554bc6e-ac,

Connected to metaspace using name 'EventDataGrid_DEMO', discovery url 'tcp://', listen url 'tcp://'

Connecting to Hawk Agent on rvService=7474 rvNetwork=; rvDaemon=tcp:

Hawk MicroAgent [ASRuntimeInfo:EventDataGrid_DEMO] ready.

ActiveSpaces Hawk HMA in Hawk Display

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