How to implement OAuth Mashery 2.0 | Mashery OAuth 2.0

02 Sep 2021

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How to implement OAuth Mashery 2.0 | Mashery OAuth 2.0

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 02 Sep 2021    

How to work with Mashery OAuth 2.0

TIBCO Mashery OAuth 2.0 implementation guide helps learn how to create API along with various ways of obtaining access and generating tokens. The below list of steps deals with API creation, settings, enabling OAuth 2.0, and a few more.

Step 1: - First you need to create one API definition.

Step 2: - Move to the API definitions and click on the desired API.

API definitions

Step 3: - A screen with a default method appears now.


step 3-1

 Step 4: - Go to Security Settings on the left-hand side of the menu bar

Go to Security Settings

Step 5: - You will see the following things which show that OAuth 2.0 is Disabled, it is wise to enable that. So, follow the below steps to enable OAuth 2.0.

Step 5

Steps for enabling OAuth 2.0 

Step 6: - To enable OAuth 2.0, follow the steps to enable the following options.

API defination security setting

Acme outh


Step 7: - Now, just go back to the path “API Definitions /Acme OAuth” and click on the below-mentioned button to create auth endpoint.

endpoint, Acme OAuth

After that, you need to create one more endpoint and that will be visible now.

 tibco end point create


end point Acme OAuth

Now we need to enable OAuth for our Endpoints


Step 8: After enabling it, you need to click on the default endpoint.

After enabling it

Step 9: - After clicking the default option, go to key and locate to Method Detection as shown below and configure it as shown in the below image and then hit save.

end point key & method detection

end point key & method detection2

Step 10: Now, we need to create one package for the same definition. So, go home: -- API Packages

Just create one new package and create one plan name Starter

API Packages

Click on OAuth. Now, you need to create one plan under “Starter” as shown below.

Plan's OAuth

 To make it accessible, click the icon (settings).

To make it accessible

 Activate the mentioned options for the same.

API package Key Properties


 Go to the access control and try to make the plan accessible to users 

API plan Access Control

Next, go to Plan Designer and assign a package to a particular API and endpoints as shown, and then click Save.

Plan Designer


Step 11: We need to update its IO Doc. Go to design and move to the Interactive Documentation