How to monitor TIBCO EMS using Hawk

10 Feb 2021

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How to monitor TIBCO EMS using Hawk

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 10 Feb 2021    

TIBCO Hawk installer installs Enterprise Message Service Plug-in micro agent in

TIBCO_HOME/hawk/<version>/plugin/ems folder.

To configure the plug-in, follow these steps:

1. First you need to check whether TIBCO Enterprise Message Service is installed and is it running, if not, try to install and run the same.

2. Ensure that the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service installation path is set in the hawkemsadmin.hma file(located in TIBCO_HOME/hawk/<version>/plugin/ems folder).

The default classpath entry for EMS 8.0:


The required classpath entry for EMS 6.3:


3. Copy the file hawkemsadmin.hma from

TIBCO_HOME/hawk/<version>/plugin/ems to CONFIG_FOLDER/plugin.

CONFIG_FOLDER is the name of the folder where you can find all the configurations of Tibco products here. The mentioned path of the config folder for TIBCO Hawk is considered as a default config folder C:\TIBCO_CONFIG_HOME\tibco\cfgmgmt\hawk.

If the plugin folder does not exist under CONFIG_FOLDER, you need to create it.

4. After the creation of folder, make sure that the folder is set under hawkagent.cfg in CONFIG_FOLDER/bin and set the following option for the successful configuration:

-hma_plugin_dir CONFIG_FOLDER/plugin.

5. After that, you need to navigate to the CONFIG_FOLDER/plugin directory and try to open the existing hawkemsadmin.hma file in a text editor.

6. Once the file is opened in the editor, it is a must to specify the TIBCO Hawk microagent class under the <classname> element. You can use HawkListener class for monitoring the server, and the HawkController for both monitoring and managing the server.

7. Next, you need to specify the username, password, and server URL in order to connect the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server in the appropriate <arg> elements











8. Restart the Hawk Agent.


TIBCO Hawk Enterprise Monitor

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