How to publish TIBCO Cloud Application to Mashery – TIBCO

21 Apr 2021

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How to publish TIBCO Cloud Application to Mashery – TIBCO

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 21 Apr 2021    

How to publish TIBCO Cloud Application to Mashery

This blog demonstrates the steps required for the publishing the Tibco Cloud Applications to the Mashery. Follow these simple steps for publishing an API from Tibco.

Step 1: Check whether the BWCE EAR deployment to Tibco Cloud is over.

Step 2: Once BWCE EAR deployment is done, click on the Newly deployed app which you like to publish to the Mashery.


Step3: After clicking on the marked section as highlighted in the above image, Click on NEW_BW_App and go to endpoints.


Step 4: Now, click on Publish to Mashery, and then select domain and click Next


Step 5: Create New API Definition now.

Step 6: Create new API package and plan. Follow the steps until the creation is over.

Step 7: Go to Mashery Control Centre. Under API Definition and Package, you can see API definition now.

Step 8: Now, click on API Definition and IO Documentation Access Control to give access to everyone.

Step 9: Click on Packages and then click on a newly created package and plan.

Step 10: Go to Access Control and then enable the option so that it will be accessible for Everyone.

Step 11: Now you need to generate IO Doc for API definition in Mashery.

Step 12: After the successful generation of IO doc, go to developer portal à Interactive API and test the respective APIs now.

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