How to test deployed services in Cloud via Mashery

30 Apr 2021

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How to test deployed services in Cloud via Mashery

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 30 Apr 2021    

How to test deployed services in a cloud via Mashery

Testing is an important process before the final launch of any software service/product. The reason why testing is a crucial part of any software product is, it helps to find the bugs/defects, delays, ensure the correct flow of the products, and so on. Hence, it is necessary to test any product or service before finalizing it. Likewise, testing is equally important to test the deployed services in a cloud mashery. Read the steps below to know how to test it successfully.

Testing deployed services in Mashery:

Step 1: As a first step, check whether your Deployed Ear to the cloud, if not, follow this BWCE EAR deployment to TIBCO Cloud.

Step 2: Now, you need to publish the endpoint to Mashery.

Step 3: Later, Go to Mashery Control Centre and then Go to API Definitions -> Click on API Definitions and API endpoint.

Step 4: After that, go to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing to enable CORS and then click the “save” option to continue next.


Step 5: After enabling CORS, it is recommended to Go to IO Doc in the base path and make host as “eval*****”

Step 6: Now, In the IO doc, you need to set the schemas in the form of HTTP.

Step 7: Next, navigate to your developer portal and then start to register your application to get the “API_KEY”.

Step 8: After registering the application, go to the Interactive API section and then select your service using Drop Down.

Step 9: Click to test the service and wait until the Response will back.


We can understand the behavior of the product/services only by testing. Therefore, by continuous testing, we seek an opportunity to mitigate the issues we face. So, it is important to test the deployed services in the cloud via Mashery terms and management.

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