What is Tibco Mashery API Management || TIBCO

31 Mar 2021

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What is Tibco Mashery API Management || TIBCO

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 31 Mar 2021    

What is TIBCO Mashery?

TIBCO Mashery is considered to be one of the best API management platforms for open APIs.

TIBCO Mashery covers a complete circle of API management for internal APIs, B2B, Public APIs, and so on. On the other side, it enables the clarification for partner access, reliability, durability, performance, along with the required collaboration with the development community. Mashery is generally used to provide the required API administration information to enhance the digital transformation.

Mashery API management is another name known for TIBCO Mashery. It is also popular because of its robust and modern API usage. This significantly helped any digital business to manage its entire API lifecycle without any substitutes. Many brands just earned their fame only by the use of Tibco Mashery API creation, API portal, API gateway, and API Analytics.

Some of the popular industries that use Tibco mashery products are Cisco, TomTom, Touch tunes, Rotten Tomatoes, Constant Contact, Sabre, and more.

Features of TIBCO Mashery:

Some of the impressive features of this Tibco mashery platform are:

  • API creation
  • Package,
  • Testing,
  • And finally, the API management.

The use of embedded or on-premise API gateway enhances high security and control from the place where users can access API easily. The interesting part of the Tibco mashery here is it can connect API to any data source and can get it converted to consumer-based products.

These are some of the advanced features of Tibco Mashery, where many companies felt that these features are worth for any organizations:

  • API Model Visualization - Codeless API solution for easy creation and testing.
  • Just microservices ready - Best services used to scale the requirements for mobile apps, and so on.
  • API Choreography - AP flow between applications and programs which is beyond the request/reply
  • Monetization over API - Choose the best API model to price your API chargebacks and other monetization.
  • API Mocking and Testing - Can create and test a Mock API application within an API modeling interface.

Tibco Mashery Gateway API is a high-secured gateway solution that has numerous capabilities. The following are some of the best capabilities of its products.

  • Brand Awareness and Customization - provides an out-of-the-box template to simplify the existing branding and customization approach.
  • API documentation seems to be flexible - let users import a range of API definitions to be directly imported in the Mashery API portal zone.
  • Management - Can manage everything from users, definitions, centralized setup control from small to large organizations.
  • Can create and deploy API proxies - It allows anyone to create and deploy API proxies in a few steps. Choose your own policy choice now and apply it as per the API behavior.
  • Onboarding Self-services - using this service, users can directly interact with the API portal and can access documentation, tests, developer key request, and more.

TIBCO Mashery API gateway Solution provides its capabilities in the form of high-security and maintenance as follows:

  • Gateways are federated
  • Secured access channel with secured control
  • Complete data encryption
  • Caching and Throttling traffic
  • Extension points customization.

Technologywe use

  • PHP
  • Angular
  • Android
  • Laravel
  • Salesforce
  • Tibco
  • Mulesoft