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ERP solutions

By: RSDigitech | Published At : 2021-02-12 12:04:46    

ERP Solutions in Saharanpur and Dehradun:

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It refers to the systems and software involved in planning and managing the core process of the organization. ERP Software is used to plan, budget, and predicts reports accurately, based on an organization's financial health and processes.

Types of ERP we use:

 RS Digitech uses these 3 types of ERP Software to monitor and determine the specific needs for a small, middle, and large scale business.

  1. On-premise software
  2. Cloud-based software
  3. Hybrid software

Why does RS Digitech use ERP?

ERP Software can be used in any business or industry to make it more efficient. It even acts as an effective communication tool that manages both internal and external assistance, tracking, accounts & billing, projects, guidelines, and so on.

RS Digitech is a mid-level organization that requires ERP to monitor and manage its activities. Our ERP systems and software is more effective in communication with our staffs as well as with our customers. We offer top-notch system assistance to all our customers. On using the same, we find a bunch of our customers is extremely happy with our ERP system and solutions.

Technologywe use

  • PHP
  • Angular
  • Android
  • Laravel
  • Salesforce
  • Tibco
  • Mulesoft